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Install Custom fonts on Chrome CR-48

If you want to install custom fonts on your CR48 here are some steps to follow:

In Dev mode, drop into a shell and remove rootfs verification so we can copy files to wherever and then reboot

sudo /usr/share/vboot/bin/make_dev_ssd.ssh --remove_rootfs_verification
sudo reboot

Now go back into shell, copy fonts over and reboot again

cd /home/chronos/user/Downloads
sudo cp *.ttf /usr/share ...

Flash Debugger on 64 bit Linux

One of the main issues for flex developers with migrating to a 64bit environment is the lack of a debug version of the flash player. After scouring forums and blog posts on workarounds, I came up with something that is working great for me. I installed Firefox (Win32) via Wine and installed the flash debugger on it.  I then setup my 32bit Eclipse (where FlexBuilder A5 is installed ...

Setup AWN Dock with one-click access to your favorite website

I love using Mozilla Prism and a few other Site Specific Browsers so I can have one-click access to web applications from my desktop. I recently discovered a neat applet for Avant Window Navigator called WebApplet that gives you something similar integrated with your AWN Dock. While WebApplet lacks the tight desktop integration of Prism (especially with the Prism Firefox extension) and takes a bit more configuration magic ...

How to setup Conky on Ubuntu

If you want to customize your Ubuntu Linux desktop with some great meters and overlays, try Conky. Among other things, Conky can embed into your desktop background the weather, check your email, and display your CPU or RAM usage.

I recently came across a great tutorial that explained how to do set it up and I decided to make it into this screencast below for those who find ...

Adding Custom Software Sources to Ubuntu

If you're new to Ubuntu heres how to add a custom software source so you can install software that may not be available when you do a "sudo apt-get install " in terminal.