About realgt

Hi, my name is Fabio. I am a programmer and Linux enthusiast. This video blog contains screencast tutorials of what I know how to do. All of the videos on this site are of my own creation. I find it easier to screencast and ramble into my microphone than typing a blog entry. I think screencasts help people who are very unfamiliar with a new topic or tool, as often it is difficult to know where to get started.

I'm hoping to cover the following technical areas: Ubuntu Linux, Programming in Java, Coldfusion, C#, SQL, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Python, Windows, customizing your desktop, etc, along with how to setup your tools and neat tricks I've learned along the way.

I will also post reviews of software I'm trying out for the first time to capture my first impressions. I do all these things in the hopes that someone can point me to a good screencast of tools like GIMP!

Thanks for visiting!

- Fabio