SVN to GIT Migration using svn2git

Migrating your source code to git from svn can be painless, if you use the right commands and tools.

svn2git is a ruby utility that performs several of the git-svn tasks needed to migrate your code. Once you get it setup according to the readme, here are some tips to get to the finish line:

Use an Authors list

svn2git has been known to fail if you don't have a complete list of authors from svn in your authors file. Make sure to include one.

Resuming from Failure

If you do encounter failures in the svn to git migration halfway through, no big deal. The following command resumes the migration

git svn fetch

Finalizing the Migration

If you have to resume a migration using git svn fetch, you can simply run the following command to have svn2git clean up your tags and branches as it would have done normally.

svn2git --rebase

If you have issues with the rebase on a certain branches you can delete those branches and rerun the rebase command to download them again. For example:

git branch -D nasty_branch_name
svn2git --rebase

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