Setup LEAP Wifi on Android with Full Wifi

If you are wanting to get connected to your work or college's secure wireless network, you may be hard-pressed with the stock Android wifi configuration settings. Even though the underlying operating system (as of Android 1.6) supports enterprise wifi networks, the only way to set these required modifying a configuration text file. The problem is that non-root users on Android have no read/write access to this file (/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf) where the Wifi network configurations are stored.

There is now an installable GUI app for Android called Full Wifi that allows non-root users to connect to Enterprise Wifi networks such as LEAP / PEAP / TKIP / CCMP / MSCHAPv2 etc.

The app is free, so go get it! Full Wifi

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  1. IBM Leap Configuration Manager by Claes Huittinen (2010-06-21)

    To all IBMers:

    Goto TAP search for "LEAP Configuration Manager". Download and install IBMLeapMgr.apk. This app will setup a leap profile for you and do need to root your phone.

    Works on Android 1.6 and upwards.

  2. thx! by realgt (2010-08-31)

    the Full Wifi app now allows you to do the same for complex connections requiring PEAP, TKIP, CCMP, etc., regardless if you have access to IBM's TAP search,

  3. where is it gone? by Martin Binder (2010-11-10)

    This app has been removed from TAP pages. Seems to be the key for using my Android at work. Without it all other w3..IBM - apps are useless..
    Is there a way to get it or is there any other way to connect?

    Thx for any solution... !
  4. Re: Article by realgt (2010-11-10)

    Did you try Full Wifi? Search for it in the Android marketplace
  5. Another alternative by Paul (2010-12-02)

  6. Re: Article by Ralph (2011-10-16)

    Comment goes here

  7. Re: Article by Ralph (2011-10-16)

    Hi Martin, if you still need the IBM leapmgr for Android, send your e-mail and I will send it.


  8. Re: Article by dadanridwan (2011-10-19)

    Hi Ralph,

    Please kindly send the apps to my email (

    thankyou in advance


  9. LEAP access from within IBM by Edmund Reinhardt (2011-11-07)

    Hi Ralph, I would really appreciate a copy of the leap configuration as well.  I have tried paying for Advanced LEAP Wifi as well as the 'LEAP Wifi Free' apps and neither of them will connect for me.

  10. LEAP access from within IBM by Edmund Reinhardt (2011-11-07)

    Important detail = please send it to my email

  11. IBM Leap Manager by Dilan Vadivelan velu (2011-11-08)


    Could you sent the installer to my mail address : ?



  12. IBM LEAP Access by Rainer (2011-11-22)


    please send the installer to my mail address:

    Many thanks...
  13. LEAP Wifi by Sabri (2011-12-05)

    Hi Ralph,
    Could you please send to me also LEAR Wifi Free apps ?

    Thanks in advance
  14. Re: Article by Andi (2011-12-16)

    Hi Ralph

    could you please send me a copy too.

    Thanks in advance

  15. Re: Article by Edwin Wang (2011-12-21)

    Hi Ralph,

    Would you plz send the IBM Leap Manager to me?



  16. Re: Article by Roger (2011-12-28)

    Hi Ralph

    Could you send me the LEAP Tool too?

    Thanks in advance and i wish you a happy new near.

    cu, roger

  17. Re: Article by Julia (2012-01-12)

    Dear P I downloaded it from your link on my notebook how can I transfer it to my Android? If I access this page through android i do not get onto the page because no IBM connection....
    Thanks for your help