SVN to GIT Migration using svn2git

Migrating your source code to git from svn can be painless, if you use the right commands and tools.

svn2git is a ruby utility that performs several of the git-svn tasks needed to migrate your code. Once you get it setup according to the readme, here are some tips to get to the finish line:

Use an Authors list

svn2git has been known to fail if you don ...

Flex Automation of Composite Component

Just posting a quick code snippet for anyone banging their head against the wall trying to setup Flex automation testing on a composite component. Adobe's documentation for automation-enabling composite components assumes a fixed set of items, using a simple switch statement to return the known object.

But what if you have a dynamic composite object, such as a Panel that lets you dynamically add Buttons to the ...

Install Custom fonts on Chrome CR-48

If you want to install custom fonts on your CR48 here are some steps to follow:

In Dev mode, drop into a shell and remove rootfs verification so we can copy files to wherever and then reboot

sudo /usr/share/vboot/bin/make_dev_ssd.ssh --remove_rootfs_verification
sudo reboot

Now go back into shell, copy fonts over and reboot again

cd /home/chronos/user/Downloads
sudo cp *.ttf /usr/share ...

Setup LEAP Wifi on Android with Full Wifi

If you are wanting to get connected to your work or college's secure wireless network, you may be hard-pressed with the stock Android wifi configuration settings. Even though the underlying operating system (as of Android 1.6) supports enterprise wifi networks, the only way to set these required modifying a configuration text file. The problem is that non-root users on Android have no read/write access to ...

ThunderTabs: Load any url as a tab in Thunderbird

A Lifehacker post on how to load Google Wave as a tab within Thunderbird inspired me to make a simple extension called ThunderTabs. Its basically a simple way to load any URL in a tab in Thunderbird. I've loaded Gmail, Google Voice, and Google Wave as tabs and it makes my Thunderbird a useful "communications hub".

Thunderbird usually remembers the Tabs open in your last session, but ...